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Let Your Heart Be at Rest

with a flexible Lenten Journal designed for weary Catholic Moms

What if your Lenten observance could

  • help you move forward, not backward in shame?
  • help you grow in your relationship with your children?
  • draw you deeper to the heart of Christ?

It can, with Until I Rest in You.

Because Lent isn't about the woman you aren't. It's about the woman you're going to become.

Lent isn't easy. Some years, it feels like your annual reminder that no matter what, you're still not good enough. 

God needs more prayer. More fasting.  More almsgiving before He'll love the woman you are. 

You KNOW this isn't what Lent is about, but still - you feel it. 

And it makes you miserable every year. 

UNTIL I REST IN YOU HELPS STILL THAT RESTLESS SPIRIT. It brings you back to the heart of Lent.  

Because the truth is, Lent isn't about what you haven't done or can't be. Lent is about what you're going to do; who you and your children are going to become. 

Great are You, O Lord, and greatly to be praised; great is Your power, and of Your wisdom there is no end...You move us to delight in praising You; for You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” - St. Augustine, Confessions Book 1

While St. Augustine wasn't a mother, he understood the inmost desire of the human heart. It is a yearning all too familiar to those of us raising children: the desire to rest and be at peace while we lift our daily sacrifices to the Lord.

We know our Lenten obligation is in many ways met by the vocation of wife and mom.

But if you're like me, you long for Lent as a time to renew yourself in Christ Jesus. 

You want to  renew your passion for the Eucharist;

embrace the connection between reason and faith;

know the beauty and the truth of Scripture and Tradition;

connect your motherhood to a devotion to the Sacraments, to Our Lady, and the Truth of Holy Mother Church.

As the only Lenten journal designed to unite the journey of motherhood with Christ's suffering and compliment the nature of family life, Until I Rest in You is simple, flexible, and focused on intentional Lenten observance so you can :

​Engage with God's Word

Citations for the daily readings provide quick access to the Scriptures for the week.


Connect Scripture to Life

Thoughtful meditations help you meditate on the holy vocation of motherhood, finding your sanctification in the beauty of your children.

Make Liturgical Living a Reality

Simple, flexible suggestions for liturgical living guide you as you bring family faith to life.

Until I Rest in You focuses not on the quantity of the steps you are taking, but on the quality and purpose of their presence in the day to day. 

Each week focuses on the development of a specific virtue, with suggested applications for you and your kids. 

When you purchase Until I Rest in You, you will have weekly scriptural citations, points to ponder, and a season's worth of suggestions for prayer, sacrifice, and giving alms.


You are reminded of the purpose of your Lenten observance from the very beginning:

it is not the quantity of your efforts, but their intention that counts 

A virtue to ponder, a quotation from the saints, and the daily reading citations get you started; The third section provides room to write your Lenten observance for the week.  

Simple prompts for prayer, reflection, and liturgical living keep your focus on growth in the Lord

 Not sure what to give up, pray, or offer? Check the suggestions list at the back.

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Have Questions? Worried it won't work for you?

Until I Rest in You is totally flexible. You can use it any time, any where.

Until I Rest in You is perfect for moms of 
exceptional kiddosI designed it with my own experiences as a special needs mom in mind. 

Until I Rest in You is great for moms at any stage of life. While the Ponder prompt assumes your children are at home with you, any mother can benefit from the reflection it provides.

Until I Rest in You won't pull your attention away from the purpose of Lent. It will draw you in, helping you engage in a fruitful manner.

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