Did God give you kids who are different? Grab the tools and support you need to raise an outside-the-box child. 

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"The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort.
You were made for greatness." 

(Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

If only your children could

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    Live out the Cardinal and Theological virtues in their daily efforts and decisions
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    Use obstacles and challenges to grow closer to their goals - and God
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    Conquer anxiety, frustration, and that paralyzing fear of failure 

All while they build a heart for God?

Your kids excel in a lot of things - including the art of giving up...

They’re smart. 

They’re talented. 

They work hard - at least, when they want to.

But (and it's a big one) -

They fear failure.

They balk at obstacles.

They take mistakes personally. 

It's heartbreaking to watch​​​​

You've tried everything to fix it, haven't you?

You've been a cheerleader: 

"Don't give up, kiddo. You can do this! I know you can!"

You've kept evidence of their hard work:

"Why don't we go take a look at some of your old artwork, bud? Let's see how far you've come."

You've read about growth mindset and looked at secular resources:

"I don't know, honey. I glanced through that book and it just feels like something's missing."

But it hasn't been working, and ​both you and your kids face heartache, anger, and frustration:

with schoolwork

with extracurriculars

with their talents, gifts, and strengths.

If only your children could see themselves as God made them: unique, unrepeatable, and capable of achieving God's will for their lives.

Hey, friend. I'm Ginny - and I wanted the same thing as you. 

No more tears.

No more, "I'm awful at this, mom. Why are you making me do it?" 

No more anxiety, fear of failure, or self-hatred. 

No paralyzing inability to try. 

I started reading up on growth mindset, a habit of seeing obstacles as an opportunity for growth. But the more I looked, the more I discovered the mainstream options were steeped in secular humanism

As a Catholic mom concerned with her children's salvation, I found the focus on ambition, the insistence on self-reliance, and the selection of role models problematic, at best. I wanted my children to grow in confidence and virtue. 

I wanted them to develop a growth mindset and see challenge as opportunity, but I wanted the focus on the power of redemptive suffering and the fullness of the Truth.

Enter Made for Greatness: A Growth Mindset Journal for Courageous Catholic Youth.

Made for Greatness is a Growth Mindset Journal from a Catholic perspective unlike anything you've ever seen:

​It's ​​focused on the virtues

By pairing seven growth mindset principles with the Cardinal and Theological virtues,  Made for Greatness helps your child develop a positive mindset rooted in Christ.

​It's ​focused on the Truth

Through the life stories of seven saints and profiles of contemporary young Catholics, readers develop an appreciation for the power of redemptive suffering and learn they can do all things through Christ.

It's focused on discernment 

Readers develop a concrete plan not only for developing a true growth  mindset, but for determining God's will for their lives, as well.

"A ​beautiful resource for Catholic families..."

"I love everything about this journal. Such a well-structured, engaging way to help young children discover God's purpose for them and learn how to root their identity in God's will for their lives, learning to navigate the ups and downs with the help of the virtues, gifts of the spirit, works of mercy, the saints...This is truly a beautiful resource for Catholic families!

- Katie Warner (Catholic Author and Speaker)

With Made for Greatness, your children will discover what growth mindset really is - 

A consistent desire to do what is right, persevere through difficulty, and pursue God's will for their lives. 

Every few years, secular culture seems to choose a humanist darling: a theory or ideology that as Catholics we can see is grasping for God.

KonMari? Detachment.

Mindfulness? Contemplative Prayer. 

It's the exact same case when it comes to secular growth mindset: the application clearly misses the mark.

When it comes to the development of your children, it isn't the thought that counts. What counts is the Truth behind the development of a growth mindset:

Discovering and pursuing who you are as a child of God.

How Made for Greatness Works:


First, readers get a clear introduction

I introduce growth mindset alongside the Cardinal and Theological virtues, explaining how the two go hand - in - hand

Then, each chapter focuses on a specific virtue and its growth mindset principle

Readers encounter an explanation of the virtue/principle connection before reading about the life of a corresponding saint.

Discussion starters and activities help readers apply the virtues to their own choices and experiences

Prayer and Scripture readings encourage further growth

Profiles of contemporary, virtuous Catholic youth provide real-life application; a Step-by-step guide helps readers develop a virtue-based growth mindset plan

Resource pages offer tips for parents...

As well as game-changing, concrete strategies for kids

"An awesome resource to help kids see the great work that God has done"

"I love how Ginny has shown that growth mindset is directly tied to a life of virtue. Each section of the book, which covers the seven theological and cardinal virtues, has Scripture, Saint stories, prayers, challenges, and discussion starters. I love the water color art within and the flexible structure that could be worked through or read in chunks over time or as a daily devotional."

- Katie Bogner (Teacher, DRE, and blogger at Look to Him and Be Radiant)


"Incredibly fruitful"

"We are working through this book with our pre-teen children and the conversations that we have been able to have as a family are incredibly fruitful. The stories of the saints help these virtues seem so much more attainable and real. Thank you for this wonderful book!"

- Nicole Ernest (Amazon review)


"I always felt like there was something missing

for other growth mindset books for kids. Now I know what it is! I am so so thrilled to have this book in our home! Thank you for writing this book for our kids!"

- Bibbey Family (Amazon review)


Your kids weren't made for comfort - they were Made for Greatness

This book will help them learn that about themselves. 

Still not sure? Here's why a Catholic growth mindset blows secular trends out of the water:

A secular growth mindset teaches kids they can do anything.

A Catholic growth mindset teaches kids they can do anything through Christ.

A secular growth mindset is rooted in personal achievement.

A Catholic growth mindset is rooted in redemptive suffering.

A secular growth mindset encourages children to grow in ability.

A Catholic growth mindset encourages children to become the person God designed.

Your kids deserve the Truth of Catholic teaching.

What are you waiting for?