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You’re a Catholic mom. Your kids are, well, different.

They’re wicked smart but school is a stressor.

They’ll spend hours researching and creating but they can’t sit still in Mass. 

Their intensity turns out masterpieces followed by meltdowns in the next breath.

Your kids love God. They ask lots of questions. Their rooms are always a mess.


Come Join the Not So Formulaic Community

I'll help you break through the overwhelm of mothering the curious, creative, and intense. You’ll not only learn to identify and serve your child’s gifts and challenges - you’ll discover how to build a mother-child relationship built on holiness and grace.

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I'm Ginny, wife and mom of three exceptional kids.

  • I believe grace grows in the soil of raising the quirky and exceptional
  • I believe God equips women He's chosen to raise the unrepeatable and unique

Most importantly, I believe God gives curious, creative, intense children the exact  mother they need to help them thrive and flourish

You are not a mistake. You have not failed in your vocation. 

You are the mother your children need.  


As a member of the Not So Formulaic community, you'll learn strategies and tools to help you



Mothering the exceptional is hard. Find the support and encouragement you need to take care of your kids - and yourself.



Raising differently-wired children in the Church presents a unique set of challenges. Find prayerful support and concrete strategies for Catechesis that sticks.



Every gifted/2E child learns differently. Explore the educational options available and find the right fit for your child.



You're a family of lifelong long learners. Here's a sampling of my favorite books, resources, and links.